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“Great people to deal with, very friendly and fair. Have hired cars from them many times and always had good service and great prices.”

Dave & Sheila Hunstanston UK

“We have used Lesvos car hire for many years always feel safe and secure and no worrys about cars breaking down . Alison is great in giving you ideas where to go and what to see. The cost is also very competitive and childrens safety is paramount with car seats boosters etc. would recommend to anyone .”

Sandy & Dave Lewis. UK

“After hiring badly maintained cars on other Greek islands I was really surprised at the standard of the car we hired from Costas at Lesvos Car Hire. Quite new and well maintained, it was super and the price was good too.”

Willem van Scheijndel. Netherlands


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About the island of Lesvos

About Lesvos Island

Uncover the true Lesvos with Economy Cars Lesvos

Lesbos -Λεσβος -Lesvos (pronounced Lezvos)  it doesn’t matter how you say its name, Lesbos is the best kept secret in the north-eastern Aegean with a coastline that stretches some 320 kilometers

Lesvos is one of the largest of the Greek Islands third to Crete & Evia. The Mytilini strait separates Lesbos and Turkey which in prehistoric times was once joined. The scenery is lush green with pine forests, olive groves, the mountains of Lepetymnos (968m) and Olympus (967) and the population is only around  95,000.

The Capital: Mytilini was founded in the 11th century BC. Conquered over the years by amongst others   the Byzantines, the Genoese & the Ottomans it wasn’t until 1912 that Lesvos became a part of the kingdom of Greece once again. Evidence of these influences remain to this day from the ancient castles, the wonderful architecture to the vast variety of dialect in the spoken language


MOLIVOS: situated 70 kilometers north of the capital you will find the famous ancient castle perched high above a labyrinth of narrow streets and the charismatic marina below

PETRA: with its delightful cobbled streets, old stone houses and 18th century church that sits at the mount of the monolith that gives Petra its name. The port of Petra (opening in early 2015) is the latest way to arrive & of course we deliver your Cars FREE of charge.

ANAXOS: Is a modern holiday resort enjoyed by everyone. Anaxos is a superb place to relax, chill out at the beach and eat from traditional family owned tavernas at unbeatable prices. Join us at our restaurant OMEGA located on the main Anaxos / Skoutaros Road where we specialize in MEZE dining.

KALLONI: One of the largest towns located in the center of this magnificent Island is the home of our residential pink flamingos, a must for all bird watching enthusiasts and photographers

SIGRI & ERESSOS: As you venture west, visit old fishing villages and ruins of the distant past. The world's 2nd largest Petrified Forest can be found here and the birthplace of Sappho. The crystal clear waters of Eressos are a must for bohemian relaxation and the sunsets are stunning.

AGIASSOS & PLOMARI: The oldest village on the Island is Agiassos with its traditional life style of cafeneons, the Theophelos museum and the home of mount Olympus. For Ouzo you must visit Plomari where the method for making this traditional Greek drink was created eons ago & has since spread throughout Greece.