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What people say about us

“Great people to deal with, very friendly and fair. Have hired cars from them many times and always had good service and great prices.”

Dave & Sheila Hunstanston UK

“We have used Lesvos car hire for many years always feel safe and secure and no worrys about cars breaking down . Alison is great in giving you ideas where to go and what to see. The cost is also very competitive and childrens safety is paramount with car seats boosters etc. would recommend to anyone .”

Sandy & Dave Lewis. UK

“After hiring badly maintained cars on other Greek islands I was really surprised at the standard of the car we hired from Costas at Lesvos Car Hire. Quite new and well maintained, it was super and the price was good too.”

Willem van Scheijndel. Netherlands


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About the island of Lesvos

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions about car rental so you are not alone. We have listed the most frequently asked questions here for your convenience, however if you cannot find the answer you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us at Economy Cars Lesvos. We are here to help call 0030 6970674327 or email

What if I want to cancel my booking?

You can cancel your car hire free of charge within seven days of placing your booking as long as the cancellation is made up to 24 hours before your pick up date and time. Credit card fees are non-refundable. Cancelling after seven days of making the booking will be at loss of any deposit paid. If cancelled within 24hrs of pick-up time first day rental plus delivery fee will be charged.

What if I need to change my booking?

Yes – subject to availability & outside 48hrs of the original rental period.

What happens if I breakdown?

In the case of breakdown or mechanical difficulties:We provide 24hr call out service (with English speaking staff). call 0030 6970674327

What included in the price?

  • Vehicle hire

  • information pack

  • Lesvos road map

  • Third party Insurance

  • Collision damage waiver with 500 EUR excess

  • Personal accident insurance upto 15.000 EUR

  • Unlimited kilometres

  • Taxes & Surcharges including VAT, Road Tax & Airport surcharges

  • Delivery & Collection service (terms & conditions apply)

  • 24 hours road assistance phone line 0030 6970674327

  • 24 hours customer service phone line 0030 6970674327


What are the methods of payments?

You can pay for your car rental by credit card using our website's secure online payment system (credit card fees may apply), With a PAYPAL request (charges apply). We also accept Bank transfer . We apologise we cannot accept bankers drafts or cheques.

Is there an extra charge for pick-up & drop off at the airport?

Delivery and Collection is always free of charge to any of the following destinations:

  • Anaxos area

  • Petra area including Petra Port

  • Molivos area 

  • Eftalou area

Delivery and Collection is FREE of charge if the rental period is greater than 5 days for the following destinations:

  • Mytilini area including Mytilini Port & Airport

  • Kalloni area including Skala Kalloni

  • Plomari area

  • Eressos area

  • Sigri area

If the rental period the these destinations is less than 5 days then a 30 EUR fee is charged for delivery & a 30 EUR fee is charged for the collection of the rental vehicle.

Full address details and the time of delivery must be given at the time of the booking

Full address details and time of delivery must be given at the time of booking is charged for 


How much petrol will be in the car when i collect it?

The rental vechicle is generally supplied with a half tank of fuel and is returned at the same level or refuelling charges will apply.

You are responsible for the petrol you use

You are responsible for using the correct fuel type.

Do I pay for the miles/kilometres I use?

NO. This is unlimited.

What about insurance?

Customers are covered by insurance please read the terms & conditions for full coverage & exemption details.

Please note:

  • Any loss or damage recorded in the inspection report which will be issued at the end of your rental period up to the level of the Insurance Excess; 

  • Any loss or damage recorded in the report which will be issued in the event of the theft of the vehicle or in the event of total loss of the vehicle to the level of the Insurance Excess.

  • If any traffic offence has been committed, your insurance is invalidated.

The cover will be indicated on your Rental Agreement.

Will my car be delivered to my hotel?

Car rental Delivery and collection to/from your hotel/apartment is free in Anaxos, Petra, Molivos & Eftalou. To Plomari, Sigri, Eressos, Skala Kalloni and Mitilini charges may apply.

Deliveries usually are made between 8 - 10am. you may request an apppointment time.

Can I book by telephone?

Yes you may make Car rental reservatons by phone, Simply call our office (0030) 6970674327 or (0030) 6970673954. Our office is open for bookings from 09.00-21.00 CET

Can I pick-up at one location & drop off at another?

Yes. your vehicle may be delivered to one location & returned to a diffrent location please request this at time of booking.This may be subject to additional charges.

What happens if I return the vehicle late?

Please note that once your rental agreement expires (time displayed on the signed agreement) you will no longer be covered by insurance. You will also be charged an extra day/days rental at no more than the local rate.

Can I return the car early?

Yes. Please Note that no refund for the unused portion of your booking will be made.

What is Excess reclaim or nil-own risk option?

Excess reclaim optional premium.  It is charged at a daily rate and in the event we have cause to make a claim on our insurance we will claim the excess back on your behalf leaving you nothing to pay.

How can I make a booking?

Via this website or call 0030 6970674327 or 0030 6970673954

What happens if I don't turn up?

No refund will be paid. Your booking may be transferred to alternative date where possible subject to an administration fee.

How safe is it to book online?

Our website payment service is protected by 128 bit encryption and SSL to ensure your payment is safe.

What is PayPal?

PayPal allows online transactions to occur instantly and securely. More information.

How many people can drive?

One main driver and one additional driver may be listed on the rental agreement.

Can I request extras?

Yes. 1st baby seats, child booster seats, etc. are usually free of charge and need to be requested at least 48hrs prior to collection.

How old must each driver be to drive?

From 21 years old with a valid driver's licence held for at least 2 years upto 74 years.

From 18 years to 20years & from 69 years to 74 years can be requested however an additonal insurance premium may apply

What do I do if I have an accident or the vehicle is stolen or damaged?

In the event of an Incident (e.g. accident, theft or damage to the vehicle) you must do the following:

In case of an Incident:

  • Call Lesvos car hire and Costas rentals immediatley on 0030 6970674327 to report the incident

  • Inform the Police immediately and obtain an Incident or Crime Number

  • Obtain names, addresses, contact telephone numbers of all third parties and witnesses and vehicle registration numbers of all third parties and supply them when you call.

  • Immediately send your rental supplier any letter from any third party, any claim form, any written summons or any other documents relating to any court proceedings.

  • Provide all reasonable assistance to your rental supplier, agents and insurers in dealing with the court proceedings including allowing court actions to be taken in your name and defending any proceedings taken against you.

  • At the time of the incident, which has involved the vehicle and a third party in an accident, make no admission of liability to any persons.

You agree to make good (and if necessary pay your rental supplier for) any and all damage or loss sustained to the vehicle and to any third party during the rental period in the event that you:

  • Fail to ensure that an Incident Report Form is completed and submitted to the rental company.

  • Use the vehicle for any purpose other than that for which it was supplied to you.

  • Use the Vehicle to participate in any illegal activity.

  • Fail to take reasonable care of the vehicle (for example, leaving it unlocked and unattended or leaving the keys in the vehicle).

  • Depending on the circumstances, the rental supplier reserves the right not to replace the Vehicle.

What do I do if my question is not listed here?

Please send all questions by email to

Alternatively you can call us on 0030 6970674327 and speak to a member of our team

Can I pay with cash?

All deposits must be collected by credit card in the name of the main driver, then a cash balance may be paid on delivery of your vehicle.